Lori Winslow Mystery Birthday Sale

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It’s Lori Winslow's Birthday on June 30th and she’s not saying how old she is, but she is giving you 52% off everything in her shop for 4 days only with the coupon code: GUESSHOWOLD. This includes her never before released to the public – Create a Digital Recipe Planner in Power Point training course and several items that were only released to her membership. You can also choose from her other Power Point training courses, planner templates and lots of social media templates too.

I've personally bought several of Lori's products and courses and the content is just wonderful. High quality and easy to use, with top notch instructions throughout the courses.

This is a great deal, so don’t miss out. Click the image below to see what might be of use to you.

Lori Winslow's Birthday Sale banner - use code GUESSHOWOLD for 52% off
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