Amazing Affirmations: Money Mindset Coloring Pages

Want to help your peeps attract more of what they want in life? Here’s a fun way to help them do it…

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What we think at a subconscious level has a huge role in how we live our lives. Meaning, what we believe deep down about ourselves, relationships, money, etc. tends to play out in real life and how we live/act about those things.

With the help of daily affirmations, we can actually improve and retrain the way we think and they can be very beneficial in helping attract the life we want!


This Bundle Includes The Following Beautifully Illustrated Affirmations:

  1. I Am Surrounded By Abundance
  2. I Attract Money Effortlessly And Easily
  3. I Continuously Discover New Avenues Of Income
  4. I Am Open To All The Wealth Life Has To Offer
  5. I Use Money To Better Other People’s Lives
  6. I Attract Lucrative Opportunities To Create Money
  7. I See Abundance Everywhere
  8. I Am More And More Prosperous Every Day
  9. My Life Is Full Of Prosperity
  10. I Deserve Abundance And Prosperity
  11. I Am A Money Magnet, Attracting Wealth And Abundance
  12. I Manage My Money Wisely
  13. I Am Destined To Find Prosperity In Everything I Do
  14. I Maintain My Wealth So I Can Help Others
  15. Abundance Flows To Me Freely And Easily
  16. I Am Responsible For Being A Good Steward Of The Abundance And Wealth Provided
  17. I Rejoice For Others Who Are Prosperous And Share The Abundance
  18. I Pay Bills Before They Are Due To Share The Wealth With The Company’s Employees
  19. My Abundance Is Generated Within Me
  20. I Deserve The Very Best Life Has To Offer

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Amazing Affirmations: Money Mindset Coloring Pages
Amazing Affirmations: Money Mindset Coloring Pages
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