Beautiful Budget Coloring Journal

Everyone wants to find fun and adorable ways to organize their lives. And budgeting should be no different. Check out the brand-new Beautiful Budget Coloring Designs, a 26-page coloring journal.

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Do you know what’s six letters and the “nasty” word nobody likes to talk about?

I’ll give you a clue. It starts with a B… and ends with a T. It has to do with money. If you guessed budget, you’re right!

Budgeting is a somewhat taboo topic. It’s not fun to take a look at your financials, but it’s a necessity.

But what if I told you that budgeting could be fun? And better yet, colorful too? And no, I don’t mean colorful as in the type of language used to discuss budgets and money 😉

Thanks to my friend Rayven of Color Monthly – Private Label Rights Coloring Products you can have fun while budgeting (and coloring)!

She’s just put together a fun new PLR package, Beautiful Budget Coloring Designs, a 27-page coloring journal all about budgeting. For the first time in I don’t remember how long, I had FUN looking at my household financials and getting a budget set up.

On most of the coloring pages you will find money wise quotes. Here’s one of the quotes from one of the coloring pages:

“A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money.” -W.C. Fields

Pick up your copy of Beautiful Budget Coloring Designs with PLR rights today.

Check out the upgrade offer too. You may be interested in grabbing the pages in full color!  PSDs are included.

This Bundle Includes:

  • Budget Cover Coloring Page for View Binder
  • Budget Back Cover Coloring Page for View Binder
  • Coloring Spines – 2 Pages (depending on size of your view binder in either 1/2″ or 1″ size)
  • Beautiful Colorable Title Page for Inside Your Binder
  • Tab Dividers (color these to separate the different sections of your binder: Logs, Debt, Occasional Bills)
  • Pay the Bills – Bill Payment Log (you’ll want to print at least 12 of these, one for each month)
  • Pay the Bills – Year At A Glance
  • Bank Account Register (record incoming and outgoing transactions from your bank)
  • Charitable Contributions Log
  • Savings Account Log
  • Categories (fun coloring page outlining typical budget categories)
  • Monthly Budget – Style 1 (these have a blank space for the month)
  • Monthly Budget – Style 2 (these have a blank space for the month)
  • Budget Envelopes  (for the envelope method of budgeting)
  • Debt Be Gone!  (master debt payoff tally sheet)
  • Financial Freedom (colorable piggy image: put your financial goal at the top and color milestones)
  • Daily Spending (record what you spend in a day)
  • Pay the Bills Calendar (record when bills are due)
  • Debt Payoff Log (print one for each debt you owe, and record payments)
  • Net Worth (assets minus liabilities equals net worth -watch this grow!)
  • Account Info (track account numbers and information)
  • Occasional Bill Log (master sheet for those random, recurring bills; property taxes, car insurance, annual vet visits)
  • Occasional Bill Log (track each of your random recurring bills)
  • Occasional Bill Categories (fun colorable page filled with common occasional bill categories)
  • At a Glance – Monthly Recap – Jan – June
  • At a Glance – Monthly Recap – July – Dec

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Beautiful Budget Coloring Journal
Beautiful Budget Coloring Journal
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