Curious Quilts Coloring Designs

Quilters – put down that batting and your needles & pick up your colored pencils! 20 amazing quilts and sayings are here to be colored!

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This Bundle Includes The Following Beautifully Illustrated Scenes Of Quilts And Quilting Themed Coloring Pages:

1. Patched Patterns Quilt
2. The Pharaoh Quilt
3. “Happy Is The Man Who Can Make A Living From His Hobby”
4. A Day Patched With Quilting Seldom Unravels
5. Moon & Constellations
6. When Life Knocks You Down, Dust Yourself Off And Get Back Up Again
7. “I Cannot Count My Day Complete, Till Needle, Thread And Fabric Meet”
8. Quilters Are Artists Who Paint Masterpieces With Fabric And Write Symphonies With Stitches
9. Lighthouse at Sunrise
10. Chinese Dragons
11. Quilter By A Window
12. Rose Pattern Quilt
13. Windmill Quilt
14. Geometric Flower Quilt
15. 3D Boxes Quilt
16. Ray of Light Quilt
17. Irregular Mandala Quilt
18. XOXO Quilt
19. Victorian Mismatch Quilt
20. Woven Quilt

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Curious Quilts Coloring Designs
Curious Quilts Coloring Designs
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