Helluva Halloween Party

Welcome to pumpkin spice season! To celebrate – here’s a spooky coloring package for you from Color Monthly PLR – filled with punny monsters getting their groove on.

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With everything that’s happening in the world right now, here’s something that has no other purpose than silly fun… a brand new “punny” package from the talented artists at Color Monthly PLR.

Laugh along to these 20 great pages!

This Bundle Includes The Following Beautifully Illustrated Ghosts And Monsters Having Their Own Halloween Party Themed Coloring Pages:

1. It’s Party Time
2. Who Did Frankenstein take to the Party? His Ghoulfriend!
3. Dance Party
4. We’re Just Here for the Boos.
5. Full Moon Ride
6. Disturbing the Peace. You? – Illegal Possession.
7. Bathroom Blunder
8. Stop! I am the Prince of Darkness!
9. I’m Sick of Fast Food
10. It must be Pumpkin Spice Season
11. Bone Appetite!
12. We Going to the Party? -Naw. Let’s Stay Home and Haunt.
13. I Haven’t Felt Alive in Years
14. It Never Turns Out as Good as it Looks on Pinterest
15. Actually, Neither of Us is Going
16. Monster Dating
17. It’s the Humidity”
18. I Made it Myself
19. Termites!
20. Happy Halloween!

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Helluva Halloween Party
Helluva Halloween Party
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