Who is Club Pin for? Should YOU join?

What is Club Pin?

Let's start with the name, the Pin in Club Pin stands for Pinterest, it's one of the worlds largest search engines and can drive a tremendous amount of buyer traffic when used properly. As I write this, there are an estimated 460 million Pinterest users every month. People have thought of Pinterest as a sort of digital scrapbook, but it has become so much more.

Melanie Doughtery of Bitty Spire Life recognized the potential of Pinterest and started Club Pin as a “Whole Caboodle”, affordable membership service where users get everything in 1 pocket-friendly offering. Each month Club Pin gives you a new seasonal PLR product and the Pinterest Templates to match it and promote your product on Pinterest.

What do you get?

For just $10 a month, Club Pin members get a brand new Done-for-you keyword-researched Seasonal themed PLR Product. Melanie is always running a couple of months ahead so you have time to implement. For July 2022, the product was an October planner giving you lots of lead time.

This product is delivered as a Canva template using their free graphics, and is ready to edit. This product can be sold as-is within minutes of you getting it for whatever price you want. Of course you can (and should) customize it for your audience.

Some ideas to customize the PLR product:

  • Mix & match pages to create a bigger “book”
  • Change the clip-art
  • Change the font
  • Swap the color theme
  • Add helpful articles to expand the value
  • Create new pages your customers want
July 2022 Club Pin Product Preview
July 2022 Club Pin Product Preview

You also get 8+ Theme- Coordinated Pinterest Pin Templates. I say 8+ because Melanie likes to play and also give HUGE value by over delivering. July 2022 has a total of 16! 5 unique layouts in blank, October and Halloween themes, plus 1 extra thrown in.

July 2022 Pin Templates

And the third component is the square product mockups matching the Pinterest templates that are perfect for blog posts or Shopify/Etsy listings.

July 2022 Square Mockups

Should You Join?

For me this was a no-brainer. The amount of value that Melanie gives in Club Pin is above and beyond the $10 monthly cost.

DO NOT buy this if you aren't going to use it. $10 a month isn't much, but if the content is just going to sit there, you're throwing money away.

If you sell 2 copies of each month's PLR product for just $5 – you break even. The product alone is worth way more than $5 but let's keep it simple. Using the pins and the mockups, it's possible to do even better than that. 

And of course you can up your marketing on OTHER products you have by re-purposing the pins. There's nothing stopping you from pinning an existing Gratitude Journal, Pantry Inventory or Coloring Book using mockups with a Halloween theme during the run-up to October 31.

Flip that around, and you can take the October Halloween party planner and re-work it as a New Year's party planner, or birthday planner and BAM! there's another item in your shop to recoup that $10 quickly.

And you can do that year after year after year once you have the templates!

And there's more. Kind of a 2-for-1 in your first month, at least right now. If you join before whichever month it is now ends, you get this month's content, and then on the first of the next month you get that new content.


If Club Pin sounds like a good fit or you need more information, click the big green button to visit the full sales page.

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